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Manage Your Pathways with A Fire-Retardant Solution

When it comes to managing air handling (plenum) spaces, organized wiring is key to creating an efficient and fast installation; however, the solution used to manage these pathways can make or break an installation. Products are required to comply with the National Electrical Code’s requirements, leaving Contractors in search of a solution that is both fast and fire-retardant.

With the VELCRO® Brand FR/UL ONE-WRAP® fasteners, contractors and installers are provided with the ideal solution to secure copper and fiber cabling within air handling spaces, general cable control, data centers and even bundling.


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These flame retardant fasteners are the only of its kind to meet Section 300.22 (C) and (D) of the National Electrical Code’s requirements and meet the UL 2043 regulations. The closure is composed of nonmetallic materials and has been proven, through testing, to emit low-smoke and heat when exposed to fire.

Not only are the fasteners fire-retardant, but they are a reusable solution. With its self-engaging capabilities, the VELCRO® Brand FR/UL ONE-WRAP® fasteners can easily be repositioned and reused again and again. The fasteners are also pre-cut, so there’s no need for scissors that can accidentally damage cables or potentially cause injury.

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