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VELCRO® Brand For Fabrics Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand fabric fasteners are convenient and adjustable, so it’s a great alternative to snaps, button, zippers, and hooks. And it has all the strength you expect from VELCRO® Brand products. Ready to redecorate? Create pillow covers that close securely without zippers that stick or buttons that pop off. Need an easy closure on that costume? VELCRO® Brand fasteners create a closure that is virtually undetectable. Want to add an embellishment that you can change on a whim? Make it an original with VELCRO® Brand fasteners! 

Inspire Your ORIGINAL THINKING™ with the Original VELCRO® Brand Fastener

Whether you’re making a creative costume or a fashionable new outfit, the Original VELCRO® Brand fastener is your creative tool. From sneakers to gowns to accessories and everything in between, sew with a fast and easy fastener.