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Military & Government Solutions

Military & Government Solutions

We focus on the fasteners so you can focus on the mission. 

From durable and rugged to lightweight high performance, our Military VELCRO® Brand Fasteners and Solutions are the hidden hero in the most demanding environments. Each of our global manufacturing locations work closely with local governments to deliver quality solutions based on each specific military standard.

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Trusted by the military and government industries for more than 50 years, our high-quality products are recognised worldwide for their strength, durability and reliability. Working closely with industry partners, we develop and manufacture customised products to meet the military’s specific needs using the VELCRO® Brand’s extensive product portfolio. Our engineers are available for technical support and mutual development opportunities, in collaboration with leading government contractors and research facilities. Selecting the right hook and loop fastener is essential to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product and we offer a wide variety of hook and loop options to provide maximum performance. This includes colour customisation, FR treatment, infra-red resistance and an excellent balance of closure strength and cycle life.

Compliant Requirements

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are developed & manufactured to meet local specific requirements of each country.

50 Years of Innovation

We have worked closely with the military for more than half a century, developing military specifications and fasteners that meet their needs.

Certified Products

VELCRO® Brand products are strong, reliable and high quality, meeting the most demanding regulations of the military and government industries.


VELCRO® Brand Eco Product Line

The same VELCRO® Brand performance, made with up to 55% recycled content.

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop military fasteners

We’ve helped in the fight against COVID-19

Learn how our products have protected front line workers in hospitals and in everyday life.

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