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Hook To Hook “LOK” Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand hook to hook tapes are one-component self-engaging, reclosable fasteners offering different fastening solutions for the packaging, construction, industrial and transportation markets. These clean, non-textile, reusable and reclosable fasteners ease installation and functionality for flexible packaging, installing building materials, supporting infrastructure and medical ostomy applications.

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VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® hook to hook fastener

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Closure

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® product technology is a single hook to hook fastener system that creates a simpler, smarter and more reliable packaging experience for your customers. With just a simple squeeze, our PRESS-LOK® closure quickly and easily aligns to create a secure seal that can be felt and heard. It’s what real closure is all about.

  • Consumer friendly fastener that requires minimal effort to open and close
  • Can be opened and closed easily whilst maintaining its closure performance
  • Recycle Ready closures made of 100% polyethylene
  • Audible and tactile closure for a full sensory experience
  • Co-branding options to draw consumer attention at Point of Sales
  • Adaptable to most packaging machinery
  • Polyethylene
  • Different hook shapes suitable for many product categories and pouch sizes
  • PE heat sealable fastener
  • Available as a single hook lane, side by side or mated closure
  • Available in 32 mm width
  • Available in natural colour
  • Contact us to check products meeting regulatory status (REACH, food contact regulation, etc.)
  • Food and non-food flexible packaging
  • Contact us to check products meeting food contact regulations
VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® hook to hook Fastener

VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® Fastener

VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® fasteners are a one-component self-engaging hook to hook tape that can be engaged in any direction by firmly pressing two tapes together. Its quadrilobal mushroom-shaped hook provides a strong and reliable connection for most demanding applications.

  • Self-engaging one-component multidirectional mushroom tape eliminates the need for precise alignment for secure closure
  • High strength fastener providing a reliable closure perfectly suited for permanent and semi-permanent applications
  • Available with double-sided acrylic foam tapes suitable for various high and medium energy surface materials such as glass, metals and several plastics
  • Auditable snap closure ensuring the correct fastening
  • Suitable for sewing, gluing and welding
  • Base: polyester, Mushrooms: polypropylene
  • Available in multiple adhesive options and flame retardant version
  • High-performance double-sided acrylic foam tape
  • Fully customisable cut pieces available
  • Available in 25 mm width
  • Available in black
  • Contact us to check products meeting regulatory status (REACH, RoHS, etc. regulations)
  • Construction panels, building envelope, solar panel installation
  • Industrial signage, displays, POS, exhibition stands
  • Transportation interior fixation, furniture and upholstery attachments in campers and other vehicle interiors

Watch the VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® Fastener in Action