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VELCRO® Brand UV Plant Tie is a simple and effective way to support and secure plants around your farm or garden. The lightweight UV plant tie is reusable, fully adjustable and soft enough to use on even the most delicate of plants. Specifically design and made for the Horticulture Industry, the VELCRO® Brand UV Plant Tie has undergone rigorous trials throughout Australia. It is available in 25 and 50mm widths, with a standard length of 45 metres. Perforation may also be available depending on MOQ’s.


The VELCRO® Brand UV Plant Tie can help you:

• Save time
• Save money



There are so many uses for VELCRO® Brand Plant Tie. Here are a few ideas.
• For staking: Securely attach new plants to stakes, to protect them from strong winds and help them get off to a good start.
• For training: Tie your vines and creepers along fences, walls and other structures for healthy growth so they look their best.
• For support: Tie your tomatoes, capsicum and other fruits and veggies to stakes or lattice to encourage bumper crops


How to use:
To use VELCRO® Brand Reusable Plant Ties:
1. Pull out desired length and drag sideways onto blade to cut.
2. Wrap the plant tie, soft side in, around plant and stake or other structure.
3. Allow a minimum of 80mm overlap. For added strength on larger jobs, increase overlap.
4. Pull the plant tie until you have the right tension, then press firmly together to hold.

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