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It’s finally Springtime and its time to get out in the garden.

Vasili shows us how to stake plants with the VELCRO® Brand Plant Tie. Training tomatoes isn’t very difficult if you have the correct tools and start early whilst the plant is young. It’s important not to use harsh tapes or string that can sometimes hurt or damage the plant.

Use the VELCRO® Brand Plant Tie to wrap the vine to the stake.  The stems of your tomato plants will need the tape every 15cm. Don’t worry if you get the distance wrong. VECLRO® Brand tape is adjustable and can be reposition.



It can be difficult to cut the tape to the required length when steaking tomatoes. You may have left your scissors inside or simply don’t have a pair. VELCRO® Brand has developed a tie cutter that can simply cut the tape to your required length.

From big plants to small plants it doesn’t matter. Simply adjust the amount of VELCRO Brand tape to your requirements. The bigger the trunk the more tape required.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start planting!

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