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VELCRO® Brand is a great way to keep organised. Here are 10 ways you can use these fasteners!

VELCRO® Brand’s ingenious solution for the chaos of life on an everyday basis. With one simple product, you can now keep your house (and everything in it) under control with ease!

1. Hang pictures, artwork, and posters without nails or tape using VELCRO® Brand strips!

2. Keep your cords and cables tidy and organised with VELCRO® Brand ties.

3. Keep track of your keys with a VELCRO® Brand keychain holder.

4. Attach a VELCRO® Brand hook to the back of your child’s backpack for easy access to their school supplies.

5. Stick a VELCRO® Brand square to the bottom of vases and lamps to keep them from sliding around on surfaces.

6. Use VELCRO® Brand dots to attach remote controls, game controllers, and other small devices to coffee tables and nightstands.

7. Keep your child’s toy box organised with VELCRO® Brand strips on the inside of the lid.

8. Attach a VELCRO® Brand hook to the back of a door to hang towels, robes, and other clothing items.

9. Use VELCRO® Brand strips to secure loose rugs and mats in place.

10. Stick a VELCRO® Brand square on the back of a frame to prevent it from sliding off surfaces.

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