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DIY Christmas tree.

The VELCRO® Brand sew-on fasteners have revolutionized how we decorate for the holidays. This Christmas, take the hassle out of holiday decorations with a felt tree! These trees are made of VELCRO® Brand fasteners-backed felt pieces that easily adhere to any wall or door – no sewing required! With just minutes of setup time, you can transform your home into a festive winter wonderland. Whether your children are using hook and loop fasteners and letters to spell out “Merry Christmas” or shapes like stars and snowflakes for decorating their bedroom walls, VELCRO® Brand sew-on fasteners make it easy to create beautiful holiday displays with minimal effort. The hook backing is also great for quickly switching up decorations from season to season. The VELCRO® Brand felt tree lets kids get creative with their Christmas decorations and have fun decorating for the holidays. So this year, make your Christmas tree ornaments VELCRO® Brand-friendly and put a unique twist on your holiday décor! With VELCRO Brand sew-on fasteners, you can create a beautiful felt tree that is both festive and easy to assemble. Give VELCRO® Brand sew-on fasteners a try this year, and let the VELCRO® Brand do all the work so you can enjoy all of the fun! Happy decorating!


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