VELCRO® Brand pressure sensitive fasteners offer a quick, easy and effective solution for your fastening needs. From apparel, cable management, panels, orthopaedics, seating trim, furnishing straps and much more. It’s really quite simple, just peel and stick and you’re done. No messy glues or nails. Velcro Australia Pty Ltd has a variety of different adhesives to suit a wide range of applications. For a complete list of products please refer to the catalogue. VELCRO® Brand is the name that manufacturers and customers trust for reliability and innovation.



A general purpose, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive with superior bond strength and high temperature performance. It is excellent on a wide range of substrates with very good adhesion on high-energy surfaces. 0172 can be used in automotive, computer, medical and other markets. 0172 has moderate tack, achieving full bond strength in 24 hours. When cured, 0172 features mild moisture resistance. Sizes available are 19mm, 25mm and 50mm in 25 metre rolls. Colours available are black, white and
beige. Special features include: Operating temperature range -28 º C to 107 º C, Acrylic based and pressure sensitive adhesive. Ideal for: POS Displays, Signage, Automotive, Wall brackets, Computer housing, Sports equipment, Envelopes. For best results it is advised that the surface should be clean, dry and free of oils. Use VELCRO® Brand clean wipe with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) to free surface of contaminates and allow to dry.


VELCOIN® Brand pre-formed dots are handy for a multitude of uses. Their round shape prevents the edges
from lifting and their easy peel and stick makes them ideal for smaller indoor fastening jobs. The hook and
loop components can be sold separately in multiple roll sizes or can be purchase in small consumer packs.
Just apply some VELCOIN® Brand dots and some imagination to your smaller, fastening problems and you’ll
have your perfect solution.



A rubber-based, high performance, pressure sensitive adhesive specially formulated for polypropylene & polyethylene substrates. 0119 Adhesive readily adheres to plastics such as those used in display boards such as fluted plastic board. 0119 Adhesive is high tack - quick setting, with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. Full bond strength can be obtained in 24 hours (80% in about an hour). 0119 Adhesive high strength enables the product to be used across a wide variety of applications such as leg splints, wrist splints, binders, prosthetics and much more. Sizes available are: 25mm and 50mm in 25 metre rolls. Colours available are black and white. Custom cutting service is available upon request.



0140 Adhesive is a non-tacky urethane pre-coat applied to the back of the tape. It is moisture resistant and ideal for
permanent bonding. 0140 is instantly activated by applying acetone or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone). This is best
applied with a small brush to the back face of the tape to activate the adhesive. This product can be ultrasonically
welded onto porous substrates. Operating temperature range from -40°C to 12°C and provides a permanent bond -
suited for outdoor use. Sizes available are 25mm and 50mm in 22.8 metre rolls. Available colours are black and
white. Recommended substrates are: ABS, Plywood-raw and lacquered, Painted wallboard, Polyethylene, Metals,
Polypropylene, Leather, and Acrylic.



Fire retardant pressure sensitive adhesives are suitable for use in applications requiring certification to industry specifications, such as automotive, aviation and military. A rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive formulated to meet Boeing Specification BMS 8-285. The High tack - quick setting adhesive achieves 80% bond strength in about an hour; full strength in 30 hours. The temperate operating range -54°C to 71°C and is certified to BMS 8-285 60 second burn test for nylon hook and loop and 12 second burn test for polyester hook and loop. The 8224 Fire Retardant Adhesive can be manufactured to comply with: Federal Aviation Regulations 25.853(A), Motor Vehicle Safety. Standard FMVSS 302, Mil Spec AA 55126 B and AMTRAK Spec. No. GEN-S-014-001, Rev. B. Available in black in 20mm, 25mm and 50mm and beige 50mm. Custom cutting service available.

Preparation wipes


It is important that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned prior to applying VELCRO® Brand adhesives.
(It is suggested that all cleaning agents be tested prior to use to ensure the cleaning agent will not have adverse
effects on the substrate) Each Surface Preparation Wipe sachet contains a swab impregnated with 70% Isopropyl
Alcohol, which is simply used to wipe over and clean the substrate. Solvent should be allowed to evaporate
completely prior to applying VELCRO® Brand adhesive backed Hook and Loop tapes.