VELCRO® Brand plastic hooks give manufacturers an extraordinary range of
options for designing innovative products and streamlining production
processes. A variety of hook profiles lets designers specify precise
grip and shear characteristics. Plastic hook material can be die cut
into a wide variety of shapes and attached to nearly every kind of
surface—from nappies to car seats—and provide bio-compatible and
fire retardant solutions for added safety and comfort.


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design with 180 hook elements per square inch. This fastener is excellent for indoor and outdoor use where extra
holding power is needed. Heavy Duty VELCRO® Brand fasteners stick to most surfaces, including plastic. These fasteners are water resistant and perform well over a broad temperature range. The plastic moulded hook and extra wide 2” closure offer strong, water-resistant holding power. Developed for applications requiring a more permanent fixing. It is ideal for: boating, marine, workshops, installing wall and ceiling panels, holding mats in place and holding up signs.


A moulded nylon square with a protruding Christmas tree insertion shank. The square surface has a permanently attached VELCRO® Brand loop or moulded hook fastening surface. Method of Attachment: Shank insertion into pre-drilled hole. These can be easily and quickly attached to most rigid surfaces. It can also be mated with other VELCRO® Brand hook or loop tape products. Its design provides exceptional added-value to your products and your business


Competition, regulation, and a dynamic global business environment put constant pressure on the transportation industry. VELCRO® Brand fasteners meet stringent government and quality standards and help manufacturers and suppliers deliver innovative designs, streamline production processes, and improve quality. Assembly is faster, more ergonomic, and more environmentally friendly—with less waste and fewer defects. As a trusted partner for more than 25 years, the Velcro Companies worldwide operations and expert logistics services ensure an uninterrupted supply of components to meet today’s
high-pressure, just-in-time manufacturing requirements



VELSTRETCH® Brand elastic loop is soft and breathable.
It's for any place where a little give is needed. It is more comfortable against a patient's skin than ordinary elastic, and its width stable too. Infinitely adjustable VELSTRETCH® Brand elastic loop can be engaged anywhere along the length. This is especially important for patients who need to tighten the closure as swelling reduces. VELSTRETCH® Brand elastic loop is a specially engineered elastic loop, combining the convenience and adjustability of the VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastening systems with the advantages of elasticity



VELFOAM® Brand padding is a double faced, soft knitted nylon loop fabric designed to provide thick and gentle cushioning. It is made up of three layers - two outside soft loop layers and an inner foam layer - forming a substantial lightweight and protective cushioning system. The foam centre is made from a pliant polyether-based polyurethane foam (forming a thick robust layer against daily wear and tear). The outside loop layers are soft to the touch for
gentle comfort against the skin. VELFOAM® Brand padding has a high cycle life making this not only a durable product, but a cost effective one, that can be used again and again. It can stand up against environmental degradation such as humidity and warmth.



VELTEX® Brand fabric is a soft loop fabric material. which allows for VELCRO Brand hook dots to adhere to the fabric without the need for the loop. Ideal for kindergartens and classrooms. A great alternative to pinboards and whiteboards. Ideal for kids with disabilities or people who want to avoid messy glue. If the spills take place on the fabric the liquid stains should allow for 24 hours before being cleaned with a sponge and a common household suds detergent.

Minimum Order Quantities
WHITE 819 / MOQ 73.152 Metres
EGGSHELL 818 / MOQ 73.152 Metres
BEIGE 817/ MOQ 73.152 Metres
SPANISH RED 813/ MOQ 73.152 Metres
PAR GREEN 834 / MOQ 73.152 Metres
ICE BLUE 628U / MOQ 219.456 Metres
ROYAL BLUE 807 / MOQ 73.152 Metres
NAVY 805 / MOQ 73.152 Metres
PURPLE 839 / MOQ 73.152 Metres
ANTIQUE GREY / MOQ 73.152 Metres
BLACK / MOQ 73.152 Metres