Care & Application

How to use:

1. Cut the hook and loop tape to required length.

2. For Stick On Hook: Ensure surface is smooth, clean and dry. Peel away backing paper, position tape on surface and apply firm pressure.

3. For Sew On Loop: Position on fabric and attach by sewing along all four edges by hand or machine.

4. For added strength backstitch using a box cross stich or box stitch and middle.

5. For best results, allow Stick On Hook to bond for 24 hours before use.

Additional information:

Stick On Hook: May not adhere to all plastic surface and is not recommended for use with laundered fabrics, PVC, wallpaper, loose paint, porous or flaking surfaces. Not suitable for wet areas. Relocating fastener will weaken adhesive and may damage surface. Prolonged exposure to sunlight and the elements will damage fastener.

Sew On Loop: Testing prior to use is recommended for delicate fabrics. Fastener can be machine washed or dry cleaned.

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