Care & Application

How to use:

1. Ensure this product is secured to an appropriate anchor point. For heavy loads, use of a heavy duty eye bolt affixed to a solid timber beam is recommended.

2. Pull apart the hook and loop strap and wrap around the item to be hung. For maximum strength and to achieve maximum weight load ensure both hook and loop surfaces overlap to the line marked on the strap.

3. Carefully lift item while opening the spring loaded snap hook to connect with secure anchor point. Can also be used the other way around.

Warning: Product is not to be used to hold human weight or to secure items overhead. Always check the strap before use for any material deterioration. VELCRO® is not be liable for accidents caused by material deterioration, exceeding load stated on package or improper use of this product.

Additional information:

Maximum weight load is only achieved when hook and loop tape sections reach the indicated line on the product and the item is secured to a suitable load bearing anchor point. Always check the strap before use for any damage.

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