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Create Organized Data Centers with these Four Painless VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Companies and clients alike consume data every day of every second, and with over 500,000 data centers worldwide, building IT infrastructures that are reliable and secure is extremely important. Whether the data center has multiple UPSes or just one server, designing and managing these pathways and spaces can be overwhelming (to say the least). However, taking deep breaths, staying organized, and following these four VELCRO® Brand Solutions, can help contractors and installers alike build the data center of their dreams:





Manage pathways without restricting data flow
Zip ties may seem great in a pinch, but as a single use solution, they can put stress on cables and ultimately alter its geometry. For years, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape and straps have proved as an adjustable and reusable turnkey alternative to its zip tie counter-part. As the ties are pre-cut, there’s no need for scissors or other cutting tools that can accidentally damage cables as well. Even before cable installation, VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape and straps can assist in the organization, when transporting patch cords to job sites, making installation fast and simple.




Freely secure pathways within air handling spaces
Did someone say plenum rated? Yup, you heard us, VELCRO® Brand FR/UL ONE-WRAP® fasteners are the ideal solution for contractors and installers to secure copper and fiber cabling within their data centers. As a flame retardant solution, these fasteners are the only of its kind to meet Section 300.22 (C) and (D) of the National Electrical Code’s requirements.




Securely hold NEMA boxes and rack accessories from any angle
Our VELCRO® Brand fasteners are strong, easy to use, and can be self-engaging. With one press, the two parts of the fastener interlock firmly. Perfectly designed to hold NEMA boxes and rack accessories from any angle.




Mount security cameras in otherwise an untouchable area
Security is a big concern within data centers, and to maintain that security, cameras are a must. However, trying to find walls to drill into is a whole another challenge. With VELCRO® Brand hook and loop, worrying about the right location is over. Temporary or permanent, this solution allows your installers or contractors to position and reposition the camera in the ideal location every time, no tools necessary.

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