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Simplify HVAC Cable Management with the VELCRO® Brand Professional Series

HVAC is vital for the comfort and productivity within an office, business or hotel. Air conditioning alone accounts for six percent of American electrical use. Not only does HVAC provide a comfortable work environment, it also adds long term return on investment due to energy efficiency and complies with evolving building codes. An effective system depends on proper HVAC cable management.

Common troubles with HVAC Cable Management

HVAC Cable Management

Connections within an HVAC system are critical for efficient air distribution. Electrical wires are required to connect the thermostat to the control electronics, the compressor needs a clean cable pathway to the heat pump and additional electrical lines are needed to power the system. If these connections become compromised, employees, customers and guests will feel the heat… and so will the business.

How the VELCRO® Brand Professional Series Helps with HVAC Cable Management

HVAC Cable Management

Clean HVAC cable management is necessary for these crucial connections to communicate with their components. VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® tape is a bundling solution that facilitates the processes of moves, adds or changes. It is also available in various colors and as a fire-retardant version.

Various colors allow installers to color code specific cables according to what they are connected to and what role they serve. For instance, the connections for the compressor and heat pump can be represented by one color and the electrical cables can use another. Color coding can prevent HVAC cables from getting lost among other cables within pathways and spaces.

HVAC systems need to run through ceilings to distribute air to every room in the building, but this requires compliance to strict building codes, such as the National Electric Code (NEC). VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® FR tape meets NEC section 300.22, C and D for use in plenum spaces.

VELCRO® Brand Professional Series Solutions for Mounting HVAC Devices

HVAC Cable Management

Twenty-six billion devices will be connected to the IoT by 2020. This means consumers will expect more devices to be connected to create a smart building. For mounting thermostats, sensors and other HVAC controls, VELCRO® Brand Professional Series adhesive-backed fasteners are repositionable, reusable and prevent damage to walls and surfaces.

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