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Panter, Safety Shoe Manufacturer, Collaborates with the VELCRO® Brand

Since 1979, Panter has been the leading safety shoe manufacturer within the labor and uniform industries. Today, they ship from their manufacturing facility in Spain to all over the world. As their presence continues to grow, they’ve fostered relationships with brands around the globe and have presented their innovations from Madrid to Dubai.

Dedicated to improving their user’s overall health and comfort, Panter’s innovative, ergonomic, and orthopedic shoes have solved pain, plantar pressures, as well as diminished fatigue and muscle pain.

Panter Safty Shoe Facility

Panter Facility

Collaborating with VELCRO® Brand

Panter’s decision to collaborate with our VELCRO® Brand Footwear and Apparel Solutions team was easy. As a leading brand in raw materials, the safety shoe manufacturer recognized this advantage and incorporated our fasteners within their footwear. Through our premier customer service, reliable technical solutions, and speedy delivery time, our solutions provided Panter with a quality fastener, perfect for their shoes.

“Working with Velcro Companies has ensured our success. Several brands offer this type of closure, but only Velcro Companies provides a constant quality in its manufacturing and is 100% safe for our users. VELCRO® Brand fasteners work just as well from the first to the last day of the shoe’s life. That is why we only use the authentic and original VELCRO® Brand.”
-Rocío Pajares. General Manager, Panter

How It Works

Powered by VELCRO® Brand Solutions, Panter’s shoes provide ergonomic and unparalleled stability. Professionals can easily secure laces to minimize the risk of tripping – giving their customers the confidence to work safely, efficiently, and, most importantly, comfortably.

Our VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop closure provides strong fastening capabilities. With a high cycle life, even in the harshest conditions, our fasteners can perform and keep on performing every time.

Strength in Cobranding

Around the world, our manufacturing facilities have provided consumers with reliability, versatility, security, and service. Panter’s choice to add the VELCRO® Brand to its hanging tags only strengthens that quality association.

Discover high-quality solutions with our VELCRO® Brand.

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