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Respiratory Care Made Simple: How Our Solutions Benefit Customers and Patients

During this global pandemic, frontline essential medical staff are working tirelessly to keep the public safe. Although the curve is beginning to flatten, the need for clean and safe respiratory care solutions is still present in the medical device space.

With this high-market demand, our medical solutions team has strengthened its commitment to our customers, patients, and healthcare professionals. We’re dedicated to making essential products for those fighting COVID-19.

Why Would a Patient Need Respiratory Care?

When respiratory complications occur from the coronavirus, patients can develop severe pneumonia as well as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Sepsis, and even Septic Shock – it’s up to the medical professional to provide immediate care and prevent their condition from worsening.

It is estimated that 15% of those suffering from COVID-19 will need hospitalization and oxygen support.

Among them, 5% will require intubation and ventilation. (1)

Respiratory Care Ventilators & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Frontline staff are tasked with not only keeping their patient’s vitals stable, but they also need to minimize the spread of pathogens within the air. By performing an invasive procedure, the risk of infection can be high. Each decision made by a medical worker requires a quick and efficient response – they rely on solutions that provide them with the confidence to do their jobs.

Our Respiratory Care Solutions

With ease of use and comfort, each of our solutions provides respiratory support to patients and their healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.

Ventilators & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Respiratory Care Ventilators & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Most patients who enter the intensive care unit will be put on a ventilator, otherwise known for its oxygenation support.

In order to secure the ventilator in the proper position, a headgear made from our VELCRO® Brand Solutions is used. As a comfortable and disposable solution, this technology helps provide the best care for patients.

With adjustable straps, the headgear fits a wide range of patients and ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Because the headgear has a snug and secure connection, air leakage is minimized, and the patient can receive their full treatment. This helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 pathogens otherwise caused by an unsecured mask.

If the headgear is soiled, medical professionals can quickly dispose of it without performing the same procedure again. This eliminates any chance of cross-contamination and reduces the stress on the patient.

Tracheostomy & Endotracheostomy & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Respiratory Care Tracheostomy & Endotracheostomy & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

The requirement for relatively long periods of ventilation means that many of these patients are considered for tracheostomy to free patients from ventilatory support.

If the strap is soiled and needs to be changed, the VELCRO® Brand closure system can easily be disposed of without replacing the outer cannula. This minimizes additional exposure to pathogens and allows nurses to provide comfortable care to the patient.

Neonatal & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

Respiratory Care - Neonatal & Our VELCRO® Brand Solutions

A SiPAP (Synchronized Inspiratory Positive Airway Pressure) device provides oxygenation support to a newborn. Although rare, babies under the age of one are at high risk of severe illness with COVID-19.  It’s vital the baby has the right care they need to fight the virus.

To support this care, headgear made from VELCRO® Brand Solutions keeps the mask in place to ensure the baby is receiving proper oxygenation. Designed for optimal comfort using soft laminates, parents can rest easy knowing their child feels comfortable and is receiving their intended treatment.

The Value We Provide Our Medical Device & Respiratory Care Manufacturing Customers

With this global pandemic, we’ve been servicing our customers and their medical professionals around the world. To meet the critical demand of COVID-19, we are continually adapting to the changing environment within manufacturing. We’ve also rapidly responded to the increase in product demand and have successfully provided continuity to our suppliers and customers worldwide.

With over 35 years of experience in the respiratory care market, we’ve moved from raw material manufacturing to now providing full contract manufacturing services as well as finished products. It’s our vast material knowledge, strategic supply chain management, and diverse cross-market experience which makes us a valued and integrated partner to our customers. We produce reliable solutions with a high-quality advantage on every level – from sales and marketing to quality engineering and compliance. Our products are helping to save lives.

 Our Innovative Materials for Respiratory Care

Through vertical integration of our materials, we produce our laminates, knits, and molded hooks for the respiratory care market, helping to fight COVD-19. Our materials are made to be disposed of easily, eliminating the need for additional invasive procedures and minimizing COVID-19 pathogens exposed to the air. Each laminate, loop or hook helps to provide a snug connection for a safe and comfortable headgear or tracheostomy strap for the patient.

ISO 13485-registered for respiratory care


Respiratory Care Laminates

Our laminates are designed for comfort produced from the perfect combination of foam and fabrics; the material is functional and soft. Our laminate products can be designed to be air permeable, which allows for optimal airflow and moisture-wicking technology. Thus, creating a reliably strong and comfortable solution, ready for disposal when needed.

Knitted Loops

Our extensive range of knitted loops are used to make our laminates and provide optimal patient comfort. The loops are chosen specifically for their disposable applications, thus decreasing risk of patient cross-contamination.

High Technology Hook (HTH)

HTH is a molded hook, which can be welded onto a variety of fabrics and laminates. For respiratory care, these hooks are utilized for their high sheer properties and replacement once contaminated. They engage the loop material within the laminates and the closure provides easy adjustability to ensure proper fit and comfort.

During this global pandemic and every day, our respiratory care solutions provide safe, comfortable, and reliable support to critically ill patients. Our medical solutions team is proud to create products that not only help our customers but positively impact patients and essential frontline caretakers, ensuring the best care is given to each and every patient.

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