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Creating custom sneeze guards for safe travel

As airlines return to the skies, they’re faced with a unique challenge as they look for creative ways to fill seats and maintain revenue, while welcoming passengers back safely. Current practices, such as keeping middle seats empty, are only adding to lost revenue. And while consumers are looking to travel, they want to do it safely. Powered by our technology, Sabeti Wain Aerospace has developed an effective, damage-free, and flexible custom sneeze guard to ensure passengers’ safety without cost-cutting measures.

Innovative Sneeze Guard Solutions Take Off

Our “new normal” requires imaginative and strategic thinking to ensure safety and security against further outbreaks of coronavirus worldwide. Ready to step up to the challenge was Sabeti Wain Aerospace. As a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial aircraft interiors, they have over 30 years of experience and were ready to think outside the box.

Sabeti Wain Aerospace began investigating and developing better ways to protect commercial airline passengers with innovative aircraft interior products, such as sneeze guards. They focused on a flexible solution that covers the sides of each passenger’s head and shoulders, while they’re sitting in their seat, and can be easily taken off to be sanitized.

Sabeti Wain’s long-time partnership with Velcro Companies was ideal for creating a custom sneeze guard solution.

“Velcro Companies has been a trusted partner for over 30 years. They have provided a product that has never let us down.  We have used millions of meters of different types of VELCRO® Brand fasteners on our seat covers. The team at Velcro Companies has been helpful and accommodating with quality products, deliveries, and even developing new products for our use.” –  Paymen Sabeti, Director of Sabeti Wain Aerospace

What is a Sneeze Guard and Why Is This One Better?

custom sneeze guardsProviding a perceptible barrier between passengers, sneeze guards aim to help prevent infection by preventing the transfer of respiratory droplets. Sabeti Wain’s custom sneeze guards (powered by VELCRO® Brand solutions) aim to improve passenger safety in close quarters.

When deciding on the right material, this aerospace seat manufacturer wanted to make something that was easy to clean and minimized the feeling of claustrophobia. They decided to forgo the usual glass or acrylic materials and created a custom sneeze guard from the flexible materials they use for their aerospace seats. By using a translucent yet flexible material, the solution gives aircraft carriers the confidence to fly safely.

How Our Solutions Enhance This Portable Sneeze Guard

Using VELCRO® Brand fire retardant fasteners, the sneeze shield guard is designed to pack flat without requiring much storage space. Lightweight and flexible, the sneeze guard is easy to install and remove. The fasteners are sewn closer to the top-middle and when you want to install the sneeze guard, simply fasten the hook and loop and place it under the headrest.

Easy removal allows crews to lay the sneeze guard flat to thoroughly clean and sanitize it before its next use. Installation and change-out times are minimal, ensuring that ground crews can quickly service an airplane for their next flight. As a fire-retardant solution, the fasteners already conform to FAR. 25.853 and Airbus standard ABD0031.

This hook and loop tape allows the sneeze guard shields to fit over any seat and keeps it securely in place. The partition’s flexible design won’t obstruct passenger movement. While, the attractive see-through design ensures that passengers will feel safe and protected without feeling claustrophobic.

A Practical Solution to a Big Challenge

Adapting to change isn’t easy.  We are proud of our partner’s essential contributions to today’s airline passengers’ safety, security, and confidence.  Their commitment to helping their customers through this pandemic and getting them back on the road to profitability is inspiring.

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