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COVID Creates More Love for Pets & Greater Demand for Flexible Packaging Companies

During a year filled with social isolation, pets have found their way into the hearts and homes of millions. In fact, pet adoptions have been on the rise while people stay at homeIt’s not surprising that people are developing stronger bonds with their pets. As a result, they demand premium quality products that are convenient, affordable, and environmentally sustainable for their furry family.  

Supply chain interruptions and store closures are pushing consumers to online sources, and subscription service sales are soaring. Products that are reliably available and economically shipped are dominating the marketplace. According to the Mondi Grouppet subscriptions are here to stay. “Despite future economic unknowns, home delivery services for pet food are considered an essential service that puts consumers’ minds to rest when it comes to supply chain problems and temporary store closures.” 

The Need for Companionship During the Pandemic 

Girl studying with cat during pandemic

Even people who hadn’t considered a pet before are recognizing the benefits of a furry companion now.  Pets help children learn responsibility, provide comfort and companionship for the elderly and offer unconditional love when friends and family aren’t around. They can also add structure and motivation in households locked down during the pandemic. Sometimes getting out and walking the dog can be the only physical exercise of the day.  

Despite the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, owners still want tserve their pets with premium productsWith more mouths to feed, there is a greater need for innovative pet food packaging and VELCRO® Brand products enhance functionality for flexible packaging companies and pet owners. 

Hook to Hook Closures improve functionality for flexible packaging companies

Pet food flexible packaging companies provide ease of use for pet owners

Pet food packaging that is high quality, convenient, reliable, reusable, and easy to ship is critical for pet food brands to thrive. 

With a simple squeeze, VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® hook-to-hook closures align to create a secure seal that you can hear and feel. Pets often associate the typical sound with their favorite time of day. 

The hooktohook closure is easier to secure than narrow, track-based seals. Since it’s easier to close for the consumer, it’s easier to keep dry pet food contained.  

VELCRO® Brand products align with global supply chains and packaging standards 

VELCRO Brand products enable supply chains for pet food flexible packaging companies

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures are recognized and trusted worldwide and are produced in ISO and BRC certified facilities. 

Our expertise in raw material manufacturing and supply chain management around the globe gives us a competitive advantage to help our strategic partners. 

With manufacturing in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia, we’re able to service your industry on a global scale. We qualify local and global sources of raw materials to mitigate interruption in the supply chain, providing our customers with on-time delivery from anywhere in the world. 

To meet the growing need for flexible packaging in the pet food world, VELCRO® Brand products are a reliable solution that keeps pets and their owners happy, even during a global pandemic. Contact us to learn how our fasteners can improve your flexible packaging.  

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