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Flexible packaging technology aligns with Burpee® Enhanced Organics™ Plant Food

Living through a global pandemic has tested all of us, but it has also had a few positive side effects. Finding calm in a time of anxiety and isolation, many people are discovering the benefits of a home garden. This Spring, there are likely to be more gardeners than ever taking advantage of their ability to keep a garden while working from home. Lawn and garden companies such as Burpee® are working to answer the demand with high-quality products with premium, flexible packaging technology.

Burpee® & VELCRO® Brand products take plant food & flexible packaging technology to a new level

More people are ordering online, so packaging needs to be easy to ship, reliable and convenient.

Among the numerous industries that are redesigning their packaging to address these issues, companies that produce plant foods and fertilizers have found some unique challenges. Since so many fruits and vegetables grown at home end up on the dinner table, organic plant food is atop many gardeners’ minds.

Burpee® is a USA-based, leading brand that shares the magic of nature by providing high-quality plant seed and food. This includes Burpee® Enhanced Organics™ Plant Food. This new plant food combines essential nutrients with BIO-MIX™, a rich, exclusive blend of beneficial soil microbes and fungi that work in unison, improving water and nutrient uptake to the plant. Gardeners can enjoy delicious bountiful vegetables and herbs and beautiful colorful blooms all season long. Burpee® Enhanced Organics™ Plant Food is perfect for seed starting, bedding plants, vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs, container gardens and flower beds.

Since Enhanced Organics™ Plant Food is a premium product, Burpee® needed to complement it with premium packaging. This included lush imagery, a spot gloss finish and a reliable closure all to reflect the quality of the product inside and the brand it represents. When Burpee® began seeking flexible packaging technology for Enhanced Organics™ Plant Food, it turned to Velcro Companies to recommend and develop the perfect solution for its needs.

VELCRO® Brand products compliment premium products from Burpee® with smart flexible packaging technology

Flexible Packaging Technology

Burpee® found VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® hook-to-hook closures to be the perfect solution for its plant food packaging. Since the closure aligns to create a secure seal that you can hear and feel, there is no doubt the package is closed, keeping plant food dry and secure every time.

Maintains a clean seal for small particles – While track-based zipper solutions have been around for a long time, they have not always been optimal since plant food can often settle into the zipper track, compromising the entire closure. VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® hook-to-hook closures allow small particles to drop back into the package allowing a clean seal with a simple squeeze.

Easy to use functionality – The distinctive sound lets you know there is a secure closure every time. The hook-to-hook technology makes it easy to close as opposed to having to match up track-based components.

Closure technology adds value to the product – The unique and advanced technology positions Burpee® Enhanced Organics™ Plant Food as a distinctive and premium product.

VELCRO® Brand products add innovation across numerous applications

Flexible Packaging Technology

VELCRO® Brand closures are recognized and trusted worldwide and are ISO and BRC certified for food packaging. Our expertise in raw material manufacturing and supply chain management worldwide gives us a competitive advantage to help our strategic partners.

With manufacturing in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia, we’re able to service your industry on a global scale.  We qualify local and global raw material sources to mitigate interruption in the supply chain, providing our customers with on-time delivery from anywhere in the world. Talk to our VELCRO® Brand packaging solutions team to learn how our products can enhance your application.

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