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Velcro Companies Lends Support in Automotive Supply Chains

Since 2020, the automotive manufacturing industry has gone through a rollercoaster of shutdowns, restrictions and shortages. This continues into 2021 with challenges in supply chains caused by shortages of raw materials and microchips and longer shipping times.

Velcro Companies is uniquely prepared for the situation with a global manufacturing presence and a history of meeting challenges in automotive supply chains.

A Global Presence for Close Support & Reduced Lead Times for Automotive Supply Chains

During the microchip shortage, automotive manufacturers have been able to pivot by evolving certain features to become less dependent on large quantities of materials or shifting operations from one site to another.

Similarly, Velcro Companies has multiple production locations and can ensure supply continuity against regional disruptions and potential risks. Our facilities are also equipped to procure alternative materials during shortages to eliminate supply chain disruptions.

With sales offices, quality labs and manufacturing plants located in all major regions, Velcro Companies is well positioned to reduce lead times with local manufacturing and support. This reduces dependence on oversea shipments during a time when international ports are experiencing long delays and bottlenecks.

Teams with Industry Expertise

Velcro Companies is staffed with customer service, engineering and sales teams that have backgrounds and a deep understanding of the transportation industry. When you pick up the phone, you can expect to speak with someone who understands your pain points and can recommend solutions based on specific industry knowledge.

Various Product & Service Options to Solve Different Interior Applications

Velcro Companies can act as an extension of a customer’s engineering and manufacturing teams with a variety of support. Our manufacturing plants offer custom product options, converting and can even produce fully-finished goods in order to expedite production times and fill gaps in manufacturing or supply shortages.

For several decades, VELCRO® Brand products have adapted to facilitate new design trends in automotive seating, interior attachments and wire harnessing. Our global quality and R&D teams are always innovating to keep up with the regular changes of the automotive industry. Contact us to learn how we can help your automotive designs shape the future.

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