VELCRO® Brand self-engaging hook and loop products offer reliable, convenient one-piece solutions for a wide range of projects: from organising the wiring of a data center using color-coded wraps to bundling produce for the grocers’ shelves. Many products allow printing for even more precise categorisation. Most products are resistant to water or solvents, and fire retardant products are also available.

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ONE-WRAP® Brand pre-formed back to back straps are the easy alternative to the common tie/wrap, taking it to higher levels of convenience and utility. This simple wrap around fastener can be used hundreds of times and is highly adjustable, with secure closure every time. There are no buckles to get in the way or cause damage. Useful for Appliances Automotive Networks Broadcast/recording studios, Computer equipment, Electronic products, Cable and wire assemblies, Electrical installations, LAN installations, Cellular telephone installations, Fibre optics installations, Telecommunications, Home office electronics
Instrument installations Transportation Entertainment/theatre, Equipment/installations, Sound installations, Boats/ships/yachts Machinery

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VELCRO ® Brand ONE-WRAP® Tape self gripping fastener: This unique back to back fastener is ideal for the following applications: Cord and Cable control Great for network installations Can be slit, perforated and die-cut to meet specific requirements. Can be cycled (opened and closed) hundreds of times. Ideal for electrical & network colour-coding

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