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Eco Friendly Diapers Are Evolving & Here is How VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Align

Today’s diaper manufacturers want to do something more than sell products. They want to reduce waste by seeking new materials that are easy on the environment without sacrificing quality and safety. Many consumers would agree that they want the brands they love to help them make a difference too. Eco friendly diapers that reduce waste and toxicity have established trends among millennial parents and VELCRO® Brand adhesive-free fasteners can help manufacturers deliver on this.

Eco Friendly Diapers Gain Traction as Manufacturers Strive for Sustainability & Parents Require Quality Materials

Corporate social responsibility has been a driving force in new initiatives within the baby diaper industry. Since babies use thousands of diapers in their first few years, these disposable materials add up quickly. This is why major brands have been introducing eco friendly diapers made of biodegradable, plant-based, recyclable and sustainable materials which reduce the burden on the environment. Instead of going into a landfill, these materials break down easier and can be reused.  

In addition to the environmental impact, parents need to know that the products they use on their babies’ skin will be free from harmful materials and prevent leakages. This means manufacturers need to find materials that can be marketed as “chemical-free”, “natural” and “safe”. Sourcing new materials that align with these emerging trends adds confidence for consumers and strengthens their relationship with a brand, but manufacturers can’t compromise on product performance.

How VELCRO® Brand Products Align with the Trends & Uphold Brand Reputation

To answer all of these new industry trends, baby diaper manufacturers can depend on VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ Fasteners to add sustainability, safety and security to their products. This fastener is made with single resins and when paired with diaper materials of similar materials, the end product is easier to recycle.

To help produce natural and chemical-free diaper products, VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ Fasteners are adhesive-free and can be OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified. Additionally, the soft, flexible materials are gentle on the baby’s skin while adding a secure closure, preventing leakages and upholding the diaper as a quality product.

Velcro Companies Sustainability Efforts

We know our customers depend on sustainable solutions, and we want to make the world a better place. That’s why Velcro Companies is taking sustainable actions such as diverting more than 54% of our global solid waste from landfills and reducing energy consumption with efficient lighting and daylight harvesting.

When developing new products, we choose materials that minimize their impact on the environment as well as the overall product life cycle. We recently introduced products made from recycled content for consumers and the footwear and apparel industry.  We will continue to innovate our fasteners to align with evolving industry trends.

In the digital era, it’s easy for consumers to find social media posts and reviews that can make or break a product’s success. Make sure your products are meeting all of your customers’ needs with quality, adhesive-free VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Talk to us to learn how we can create an optimized solution aligned to your specifications.

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