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VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ Fastener Wins 2022 BIG Innovation Award for Vision, Creativity & Persistence

Velcro Companies’ newly launched VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener was named as a winner of a 2022 BIG Innovation Award presented by the Business Intelligence Group.

The Business Intelligence Group (BIG) seeks out and rewards those with vision, creativity and persistence, all hallmarks found in the world’s leading companies and individuals across numerous industries, worldwide. Since 2012, BIG has recognized and rewarded hundreds of business executives, departments, products and entire organizations for their innovation and leadership. Other 2022 award winners include BAE Systems, Dow Chemical, Lenovo, Gatorade and Bobcat.

“Innovation is driving growth in the global economy,” said Maria Jimenez, chief operating officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring Velcro Companies as they are one of the organizations leading this charge and helping humanity progress.”

Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions.

Why the VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ Fastener Makes a Difference for Footwear & Apparel Designs

The innovative new VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener features a patented low-profile “T”-shaped hook that is 60% thinner than standard hook fastener systems commonly used in Footwear & Apparel applications. Designed to be sewn or welded to lightweight fabrics that require a soft closure system, it is a soft, durable and flexible high-performance fastener that can be used for delicate children’s wear or rugged outerwear.

What the VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ Fastener is used for

VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fasteners are ideally suited for use for thin, performance fabrics where lightweight design and flexibility are essential. The thinner shape reduces the overall weight and increases flexibility of the fastener.

The “T”-shaped hook ensures there are no sharp edges, making it ideally suited for applications where it can be placed close to the skin without abrasion. The VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener can be used in applications, including:

  • Delicate clothing, such as infant wear
  • Demanding applications, including outerwear
  • Flexible products such as wearable technologies

A Lightweight Design, Without Compromising on High Performance

The new VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener provides the strength and durability customers have grown to trust in VELCRO® Brand products, but in a significantly thinner profile. When engaged, VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fasteners are 60% thinner than standard products while providing 24 pounds per square inch of shear force. The 0.030-inch versus 0.078-inch hook height paired with soft nylon resin also means the VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener is more flexible and can be used where pliability is a priority. Its fabric scrim gives it the extra durability when being stitched to fabrics.

Despite its reduced profile, the VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ fastener cycle life exceeds that of standard woven hook products. This innovative fastener maintains the mechanical performance of standard hook fasteners and continues to perform exceptionally after thousands of openings and closing cycles.

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